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because every film should be crafted to be as unique as each couple is...

"Now the video itself- the video is a piece of art - it captured my day beautifully, not just visually, but emotionally as well. This is not a one size fits all video set to Spotify’s top song of the moment. This is custom, personal, detail oriented, beautiful work. If you want a videographer for your wedding, hire Kathleen – you will treasure the piece of art she creates that is uniquely you and yours."

- Melissa & Jacob

Wedding Videography

Wedding films that perfectly match your personality

Virginia wedding videographer, Virginia wedding videography

Are you ready for an amazing wedding film? Yes you are.

I am a wedding videographer based in Northern Virginia, but nothing a plane ride can't solve.

Virginia Wedding Videography

wedding films where you have to press play more than once

Virginia Wedding Videographer

Alex + Kyle ~ Philadelphia, PA wedding

For couples who don't settle for the standard

Because all slow motion is so 2022...

You aren't paying for video of only your posed portraits

Firstly, a wedding film should be more than your portrait photography moments set to music in slow motion. You are the kind of couple that values the in-between; a sweet glance during vows; your mother beaming with joy during getting ready prep; the best man reminiscing on childhood memories during toasts. Those moments are what our films prioritize, the stuff that really matters for video.

Elena + Nicholas ~ cape May, New Jersey Wedding

100% custom packages, cause you do you boo

Our custom package system is for those couples who are looking for a completely custom wedding videography experience. This is about curating an experience that delivers you films you truly want to watch. From teaser to full-length feature films and everything in between, we guide you through our different film options and you choose what you want, instead of a stuck in a rigid package structure.

Caitlin + Jason ~ Leesburg, Virginia Wedding

more than just your wedding day

A wedding is about bringing two lives together that goes beyond the big day. It is about all the moments that formed you into the people you are, so let's celebrate that. I love bringing your cell phone videos, old home videos and pictures into your films. I also offer videos engagement sessions, bachelor/bachelorette party video coverage, day-before coverage to really bring more into your wedding film.

Dora + Patrick ~ Washington, DC Wedding

Hi, I'm kathleen, nice to meet you

I do this because I make that films that are truly personalized.

"Why is wedding videography important" is a question I hear quite often. Especially when our social media are flooded with copycat wedding films, can barely tell the difference between one and the next. Yet every single videography website will say "authentic and cinematic" yet be anything but that.

The thing is, a wedding weekend is full of fleeting moments; the sweet glance between parents during a ceremony, the heartfelt speech from a sibling, this goes beyond capturing the obvious. This is also about capturing the in-between and filling in the gaps when wedding photography leaves off.

Client Testimonial

bride and groom dancing at reception
Tori + Tej


You are so extremely talented. It took me until watching it for maybe the 4th time to see how you were mirroring us dancing/interacting on the rehearsal dinner vs. the wedding day! Every time I watch it, I notice something that I didn't before. At the very end of the video, I hear my dad's voice above everyone else's cheering for us...that's something that I tear up even thinking about because I didn't even notice in the moment of our sparkler exit.

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Why is Wedding Videography Important?


March 2021

I hope your wedding film isn't like the last one I made, because that couple isn't you.

and copycat wedding films is so last year...

Hi, so nice to meet you, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Firstly, I am a wedding and elopement videographer in Virginia, serving couples in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and worldwide.

How did I get started? I started Kathykins Creative, LLC in 2018 after being behind a camera for a decade, finding joy documenting people and the world around me. I offer videography services for full service weddings. In addition to this, I also offer videography and photography options for elopements and portrait sessions.

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