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Thanks for stopping by. I'm Kathleen, a photographer and videographer with four years experience as lead photographer and videographer for my own company. I love shooting for and with others in the industry. I created this webpage to discuss all my details for associate and second shooting. Hope we can work together!

videography portfolio

Let's chat about the gear requirements for your wedding, but I have access to following equipment:

Panasonic S1H

(2) Panasonic S1

Panasonic S5

24-105MM f/4

24-70mm f/2.8

50mm f/1.2

70-200mm f/2.8 and f/4

DJI Mavic Pro 2

Ronin RS2

(3) Tripod

(2) Sony TX-650 recorder, (1) Sony TX-660 recorder

(2), Tascam DR-10L

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder

Ninja V External Monitor

(2) Godox V860ii flashes

(2) Light Stands

Godox S30 Spotlight

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All my cameras are dual card slots, and can shoot 4k60 4:2:0 for video.

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Does that hourly rate include travel cost?

What are your rates?

For photography associate and second shooting my rate is $100hr/$65hr respectively.

For videography associate and second shooting my rate is $150hr/$85hr respectively.

I am open to discussing rate adjustments (less or more) depending on gear and wedding requirements. I do offer a $20/hr discount off prices above if I do not need to supply my own gear and use yours. I am experienced with Panasonic and Canon systems, and currently learning Sony.

If the wedding is within a 2 hour drive from my house, then yes, travel is included in the hourly rate and I do not bill for travel time. If your wedding is above my 2 hour threshold, I will create a travel quote for you. This quote will include costs for gas, food, lodging, tolls, flights, parking, etc.



Do you talk with the couple before the wedding if associate shooting?

How do you transfer files after the event ?

For second shooting, I ask the lead company either provide me with SD cards or transfer files at the conclusion of my coverage while still on-site.

For associate shooting, I will Dropbox files for photography only. For videography, I will mail the company a hard drive with the footage. I keep a backup copy of all files until I receive confirmation that the lead company has received/downloaded the files.

No. My services are limited to wedding day only and then file delivery. I expect the lead company to discuss logistics with their couples, provide me with the timeline, give me the planner's contact information if applicable and let their couples know that an associate will be present on their wedding day.

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Are you available to edit the wedding you shoot for/with me?

How far do you book out?

This applies to videography only but I will not edit weddings where I have associate lead shot. I find this unfair to me as a business as I will be competing with myself. I am open to editing if I am the second video shooter. For information on my video editing services, click here.

For associate shooting, I accept requests if the wedding is within 6 months or less.

For second shooting, I accept requests if the wedding is within 60 days or less.

However, if you have a portfolio wedding on your calendar and looking for a strong shooter to work with you, let's chat.



What is your shooting style?

Will you shoot BTS for me?

As a second shooter, I recognize that sometimes the lead doesn't need their second capturing content all day, especially when together. I am more than happy to provide BTS services for you on the wedding day, be it professionally with my camera or with your cellphone. If you want a professionally edited BTS video of you working the wedding day, I offer this editing service starting at $500 per video.

I have a very documentary approach to my shooting, and this applies to photography and videography. For videography I am primarily a handheld shooter, but will use my gimbal for walking shots. Please review my portfolio to make sure we are good fit in terms of style.