Alright kids, the time has come. The time has come for you to get down on one knee and declare that you want spend forever together. Your kind of forever having the other person be your dedicated Instagram photographer or fighting over where to eat. True love is bliss, so better make this proposal one to remember because we want the pictures and video for social media later.

So, how do I know anything?

Well, as a Virginia photographer and videographer, specializing in wedding and elopement videography and photography, ready to capture all those amazing moments. Oh I also travel too so someone please contact me from the west coast, much appreciated.


Step 1: Pick a location that is meaningful to you both as a couple. This could be anything from a beautiful waterfront at National Harbor, Maryland to the beautiful landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, California to maybe even in your home. The options are endless!


Step 2: After you have that meaningful and beautiful location secured, to make it extra special, let your friends in on what’s going down. One of our most favorite proposals to date is when the guy brought all their family and friends to surprise her!!!

But also remember if a crowd isn’t your thing, don’t feel the pressure to do so. This ultimately is about the two of you and nobody else. Especially when you have awesome proposal photography and videography to go along with it, you can share the moment with others later.


PROPOSAL ? It’s a #lovestory ? so we all know what the answer is ? #proposal #loveisintheair #weddingvibes #lovegoals

♬ Marry Me - Once Jameson

Step 3: Contact us and secure us on your calendar. Wait, what about all the other planning that will go into this? When you book us for photography and videography to capture this epic moment, WE DO SO MUCH MORE than just hold a camera. We will help you plan best time of day for the best light, cute ideas to make the proposal more memorable, be your therapist (just kidding) to help calm your nerves, etc.

And that’s it, three easy steps to an amazing proposal to your forever. Proposals are one of our favorite things to capture and we can’t wait to talk with you.


I was crying ? the entire time behind the camera cause I love my friends. #lovestory ?? ?? #voiceover #proposal #love

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

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