It is not surprise that getting married during a pandemic can make things, err, a bit more complicated. Between reschedules, cutting guest lists, extra cleaning precautions, it is a lot more to do than ever before. So as a wedding vendor who now has and is currently experiencing COVID weddings (The Knot has some fabulous advice on it here as well), I want to give some advice and insight to help you navigate this process.

  1. Just because your guest count is reduced, doesn't mean there is any less love to be had. If you suddenly find your guest count to be 50 people or less, you may be concerned if the feels will still be happening. So I am here with the receipts of this Washington, DC wedding that took place at the DC War Memorial, followed by an intimate dinner reception at The Wharf, to show how it can be safely done and with the feels:

2. Your timeline may be changed and/or reduced, but still plan for special moments. This comes as a surprise to some of our couples. But we highly recommend treating your wedding day like it was originally planned in regards to those special moments like getting ready prep, first look, first dance, exchanging gifts, etc. Let's work those into your timeline! Trust us, when you look back on your film and photos, you will be glad you did them!


3. Virtually bring in your guests but understand the limitations too. Because the safety of you and your guests is at the upmost importance, some may be more comfortable to attend virtually rather than in-person. We are very much here for this but we need to let you know that live-streaming can come with a whole host of potential issues you may or may not be aware of. So, with that said, I wrote an entire blog post on it which can be found HERE.

4. New timeline, new traditions. Want to know the dopest thing about this new land of micro-weddings? You can be more creative than ever before. Because your timeline may not follow the tradition flow, let's have fun with it! Leave your ceremony and get some grub at your favorite fast food restaurant, extend your portrait time and go to epic locations nearby, snowboard or whatever hobby is your favorite, etc.

I mean, who wouldn't want a portrait session in Joshua Tree National Park in California?!?! Did I mentioned more time for portraits?

In summary, your wedding day is about the two of you getting married and starting this new chapter of life together. It may be a new vision than what you originally planned but that doesn't make it any less fabulous.

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