I want to start off this post by introducing you to some lingo, mainly the phrase "DMV". Am I talking about the Department of Motor Vehicles? No. The phrase DMV means D.C, Maryland and Virginia, as you can cross the border to each of these states in a matter of minutes (depending on traffic of course). So as a wedding videographer in Virginia, many days my work takes me to Washington, D.C. or Maryland. Actually the majority of the weddings I film aren't even in Virginia. Is it time I move? Should I become a Washington DC Wedding Videographer now?

But let's cut to the chase of why you're here. Let's discuss some of the wedding venues I have shot at in Washington, D.C.

DC War Memorial

This is a fan favorite of mine for portrait sessions and ceremonies alike. A popular choice for elopements and microweddings, the DC War Memorial is a great for its approximately to the National Mall and tidal basin. I have worked with clients who had their full ceremony there and those who just used the space for portrait sessions between ceremony and reception.


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Meridian Hill Park

Next up on my list is Meridian Hill Park. First and foremost, the architecture of the park makes you forget you're in the middle of DC. It has many unique areas for portrait opportunities, as well as an amazing location for a first look or first touch too. More on the advantages of a first look can be found here. Another reason why this place is my favorite is that it really can be utilized any time of day because of the shade. Some locations (like the National Mall) with little cover and limit opportunities for portraits if shot there midday.


The Congressional Club Museum

This venue would make me want to change my website to Washington DC Wedding Videographer. Yes, I am that serious. The uniqueness of the building films very well from a videography perspective. Also, it is overall charming. It reminds me a lot of the reasons I love Josephine Butler Parks Center as well, another venue I have worked at in Washington DC in recent years.

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Wharf DC

This isn't a wedding venue, more so a location with many options to choose from for ceremony or reception. This venue is everything the locations I listed above are not. It has city, modern vibes for your nuptials. Be that Wharf DC is right on the water, your portrait session at golden hour is going to be stunning. One thing to keep it mind though, in the summer months, it can get very busy so it may not be the best area if you want your wedding to be more private. It reminds me a lot of Georgetown, another amazing city location that should not be overlooked in your planning process.

I really hope this blog post helps you on your search to discover the best Washington, D.C. wedding venues. There are so many more to choose from, so I will continue to update this blog post as time goes on. If you have any questions about wedding videography, send me an email at hello@kkinscreative.com

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