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Hi, I’m Kathleen, a private wedding video editor who works with limited number of select clients to create amazing films to not only enhance their brand and their storytelling, but reduce their workload. This page goes over all the details of working with me to make sure we are the right fit.

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Featured Edits

Featured Edits

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What is your process?

What makes you different than other editors?

Once I have determined we are an editing match, I require my clients to do the following:

  • Mailed SSD or upload to cloud server.
  • Provide general notes of the wedding day, any must have moments, things to look for or things to avoid.
  • Organize all footage into appropriate folders or library (prep, ceremony, first look, reception, etc.) and audio labeled.
  • Include approximately 5-7 songs on the mailed hard drive that are licensed and ready to use. This will allow me to feel the vibe for the film and your desired direction, however my clients are open for me to choose alternative songs if the video requires it.
  • Include any LUTS or overlays. I am experienced in grading LOG footage.

As a wedding videographer myself, I have a unique perspective to bring to your wedding video that is more than someone who has not been present on a wedding day. The type of clients I work with want more than just someone to help clear their backlog. They value my judgement and know that I will bring more to their film than a standard cookie cuter edit. My editing services are for people who want portfolio pieces for their brand.

What is your turnaround time on films?

Once I receive your files, I have a 4-6 week turnaround. Once it is completed I will upload to Vimeo via private review link where you can leave timestamped detailed notes.

I allow for 3 revision rounds per film and I require film review within 7 days of me sending it over for review. If you're unable to provide prompt review, let me know before the start of the edit.

I digitally upload all final assets, including project files, screen grabs, to Dropbox when the project is complete.

How much do your editing services cost?

My current pricing for editing is the following:

  • $1,000 for a highlight film up to 5 minutes, with $100 per additional minute over 5. This price includes color grading, sound design, etc.
  • $750 for a teaser film up to 1 minute. This price includes your film delivered in multiple formats for different social media specs (vertical for Reels/TikTok).
  • $375 rush fee for a delivery of a wedding film in 7 days. Contact me for rush editing availability.
  • I do not accepting any editing work for full documentary edits, such as full length toasts or ceremonies.
  • Payment will be invoiced via HoneyBook once the final film is approved. I accept electronic check and credit/debit cards as forms of payment.

What is your editing style?

I accept clients who have a similar wedding video editing to my own. Not only is this more enjoyable for me, but it leads to less revisions, faster turnaround.

My style is heavily music and audio based. As an example, I may use 3-4 songs within a 5-6 minute film to make sure the moment is properly hitting with rise/falls within a song. It is very important to me that the music is matching what is happening visually and work with clients that give me creative freedom to explore other music if the edit direction needs it.

I edit in Final Cut Pro.

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Wedding video Editor

I require all of potential editing clients to view my work (and send me examples of their film style as well), to make sure we are good fit before proceeding.

I enjoy working with clients that are looking for possible portfolio pieces, pushing beyond the standard wedding film cookie-cutter (predictable) edits . This job for me is so much more than editing and collecting payment.

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Why I Do This - My Story

Quickly however, I realized what I do want to work on and don't want to work on when it comes to editing for others. I discovered I was not and never will be a film factory. I am not a high-volume editor. My wedding video editing is strongly influenced by whatever I see in front of me. I am strong believer that we shouldn't recreate the same film over and over again, but allow the day itself to truly guide us to create unique films for each couple. This is why I keep a very small client roster at any given time to I can give individualized attention to each wedding video edit.

My editing career began when I noticed my wedding videographer peers struggling to find an editor that could do more than put clips to music. They wanted more; looking for an editor that could not only help with their never-ending backlog, but also someone who understands storytelling fundamentals, using songs to pull on emotions, able to create films that match their own if they edited it themselves. Mostly, they wanted an editor that could create a film that they wouldn't feel the need to redo themselves or end up with 20 rounds of revisions. As a wedding videographer myself who doesn't outsource, I could only empathize with their frustrations, but knew I could provide a solution and that was to become a wedding video editor myself.

Can't wait to hear from you, contact me today for availability.