Because your wedding day film is a legacy that will outlast you.

Your search for a videographer have started with some of the following search terms in Google...

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I encourage you to stop your search there and read this post. Why? Because wedding videography is one of the most important vendors that make up your wedding vendor team. We are with you the most on the most memorable day of your life. We are capturing what is happening in real time. This is why we serve our couples beyond documenting the ordinary.

A wedding weekend is full of fleeting moments; the sweet glance between parents during a ceremony, the heartfelt speech from a sibling, this goes beyond capturing the obvious. This is also about capturing the in-between.

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When I started my business as a wedding photographer, I knew very quickly that something as missing. I was capturing all these amazing, heartfelt moments, but hearing the audio, seeing the movement in real time, photography is unable to capture that. That is what led me to pivot from wedding photography to wedding videography. While photography will always be near and dear to my heart, I couldn't ignore the emotional pull I had when editing a wedding film.

What I Discovered...

I realized this is day that everyone you care about the most is together, an opportunity that doesn't happen often. Your grandparents are dressed to the nines, your best friend is gleaming with excitement, everyone has come together to celebrate this moment. This is so much more than just a gathering in your backyard over a holiday weekend. A wedding is one of life's biggest milestones, and I knew that I wanted to document that on video too.

The Difference Between Videography and Photography...

I have a unique perspective as a destination wedding videographer. Ultimately, we all are there for one purpose: to serve our couples by documenting their day. I see what goes into both sides, and why each service should be given equal importance on a wedding day. Here is the best example to show the difference...

Your portrait session has begun with your family. Everyone is lining up and the photographer is calling out names. You're getting those formal pictures with aunt Becky and cousin Dylan. Your photographer is clicking away, taking a few pictures to account for blinking, everyone is smiling at the camera. You will have an amazing gallery of posed portraits with your family members, awesome.

But during that moment, you, as the bride, steps to the side while your partner is getting some pictures with just their family. You're standing there with your bridesmaid, you two smile at each other and hug. This is the type of a moment your videographer is capturing. These are the in-between moments that you will cherish in your wedding video.

This is what beyond the obvious means for me and how I approach your wedding day as a female wedding videographer.

Hire a wedding a videographer.

Peace ✌️

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